Original Photo by Adrian Jenkins

I bought this gorgeous photo at the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival in 2018. It is by a very talented photographer named Adrian Jenkins.

It is titled ‘Fading Glimmer’ and is a limited edition fine art print numbered 1 out of 25. Is a 13 x 13 print matted and framed to 23 x 24 and has been signed by Adrian. This photo is from his 2018 collection.

I bought this directly from the photographer and he told me this was taken from inside of a bothy. I believe he said it was on the Isle of Uist if my memory serves me correctly. My pictures do not do this justice to see the details of a old window and the scenery beyond that.

The photo came with its own Certificate of Authenticity. I accidentally laid something on top of my certificate and got it wrinkled.

Adrian has a lot of amazing photographs and I encourage you to check out his work.

You can find his work on his website at http://www.adrianjenkins.com.

If you have any questions about this photo or any of my posts, please leave a comment below.

Flying over the Atlantic to Scotland & Ireland

In July of 2017, I was blessed to go to Europe for the first time. I flew from JFK Airport in NYC to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland. These are my pictures from the plane. It was an amazing adventure which I will always treasure.

From the first glimmer of the sunrise…

I left the reflection from the window on the picture to remind me of my plane ride.

…to the sun finally peeking over the horizon.

What an amazing site to see!

Once the sun had finally risen, I could not get enough of the view.

Somewhere over the Atlantic before flying over Ireland.

The higher the sun rose, the more the colors changed.

Still somewhere over the Atlantic before flying over Ireland.

Our plane had personal monitors to show our flight progress and destination so I knew I was finally over Ireland.

The neatest thing was to be able to follow the flight progress on your journey.

The clouds cleared and you can see part of Ireland. I actually wept when I saw this view for the first time. I was finally seeing “home.”

Clouds clearing over Ireland.

It got cloudy again before arriving in Scotland.

Being above the clouds is always an adventure.

Finally, my other “home.” Arriving in Scotland, I actually squealed. I’m not kidding, I did.

First glimpse of Scotland.

This was my first journey across the Atlantic in this lifetime. There will be many more. I found my true “home” in Scotland and Ireland. The home of my ancestors and where my heart lives.

I will make several more posts showing my pictures of my first adventure in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Dreams do come true.

Why I’m here… Who I am

I decided to start this page to have my own Lifestyle Blog and for it to be an online journey showcasing what I love such as travelling, product reviews, and animals. I’m an introvert so this is a fantastic place to share myself. I am new to this and am figuring out how to make this site look the best and be the easiest to navigate.

Cliffs of Moher – County Clare, Ireland – July 2017

My interests are often unique and special interest, hence part of the title ‘Esoteric.’ Tartan is a gorgeous pattern from Scotland which is also called “plaid” in the United States. This is how I came up with my name. My dream is to create my own tartan called ‘Esoteric Tartan.’ That will be its own post regarding a wonderful start-up that is in Scotland.

I have been in love with Scotland & Ireland since I was a child. I am blessed to say I have been on vacation to both places. I love everything to do with these countries: the culture, history, music, food, art, shopping, my personal heritage, etc. I hope to highlight both countries in the amazing light they deserve. The cover photo for this post was taken in Glencoe, Scotland in July of 2017.

Photo taken from Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland – July 2017

My family and I discovered subscription boxes/packages in 2018 and became obsessed (okay, I became obsessed!). I would love to try all of them and am always open to suggestions.

I will be writing reviews of products and services that my family and I have personally used. These could be subscription services (such as the quarterly subscription box of FabFitFun or the monthly beauty & makeup bag from Ipsy), a product from the grocery store, or unique finds.

There will be personal affiliate links in my posts which means I have the potential to earn something if you use my link. Sometimes we will each earn discounts, maybe rewards points, a free product, etc. You are welcome to use my links or go directly to the websites to purchase. I want to make sure there is transparency here. All opinions are my own. If I am fortunate enough to receive free items to review, I will note that but also, still stay true to me and give my true opinions. I will post my Legal Disclosure on all posts that contain a link whether I earn anything or not.

Once I have enough subscribers, I will start doing giveaways! I adore contests and giveaways. I am seriously excited to have the opportunity to do this!

Animals are everything! I have fallen in love with Highland Cows (Heilan’ Coos). Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, birds, horses, cows, pigs… I love them all! We currently have five pets and they are so loved!

Cats and snow – December 2018

I enjoy photography and mostly take photos on my phone. Landscape photos are my favorite! All photos in my posts are my own unless otherwise noted.

We have four kids with three still at home (1 tween, 2 teens) & two grandkids. We have been down many paths and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Outside of The Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. The feather was laying there already, not placed – July 2017

I try to live a life filled with love, kindness, positivity, gratitude, openness, and being my best self. I believe in loving & accepting everyone no matter their religion, race, sexuality, gender identity, ancestry, disabilities, etc. Kindness always matter!

I would love to hear from readers on thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. If you have anything you want me to review (products, subscription boxes), let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

You can find me on Twitter at @esoterictartan and in March 2019 on Facebook. Always remember life is what you make it and say daily, “Today is a fantastic day!”

“The more that you look for good things in life, the more you’ll find them!”

Sunrise in the Midwest, U.S.A. – September 2018

The 1st one…

ECastle#2Hello and thank you for joining me at The Esoteric Tartan! I’m excited to have a place to share my thoughts, pictures, and a myriad of things I enjoy. I will post scenery & animal pictures, my subscription box reviews, maybe some word of the day items, and anything Scotland or Ireland related. Enjoy… ♥️, Susan

The first picture above is of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland that I took in July of 2017.

“We will drain our dearest veins, but they shall be free” Scots Wha Hae by Robert Burns