Original Photo by Adrian Jenkins

I bought this gorgeous photo at the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival in 2018. It is by a very talented photographer named Adrian Jenkins.

It is titled ‘Fading Glimmer’ and is a limited edition fine art print numbered 1 out of 25. Is a 13 x 13 print matted and framed to 23 x 24 and has been signed by Adrian. This photo is from his 2018 collection.

I bought this directly from the photographer and he told me this was taken from inside of a bothy. I believe he said it was on the Isle of Uist if my memory serves me correctly. My pictures do not do this justice to see the details of a old window and the scenery beyond that.

The photo came with its own Certificate of Authenticity. I accidentally laid something on top of my certificate and got it wrinkled.

Adrian has a lot of amazing photographs and I encourage you to check out his work.

You can find his work on his website at http://www.adrianjenkins.com.

If you have any questions about this photo or any of my posts, please leave a comment below.

Flying over the Atlantic to Scotland & Ireland

In July of 2017, I was blessed to go to Europe for the first time. I flew from JFK Airport in NYC to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland. These are my pictures from the plane. It was an amazing adventure which I will always treasure.

From the first glimmer of the sunrise…

…to the sun finally peeking over the horizon.

Once the sun had finally risen, I could not get enough of the view.

The higher the sun rose, the more the colors changed.

Our plane had personal monitors to show our flight progress and destination so I knew I was finally over Ireland.

The clouds cleared and you can see part of Ireland. I actually wept when I saw this view for the first time. I was finally seeing “home.”

It got cloudy again before arriving in Scotland.

Finally, my other “home.” Arriving in Scotland, I actually squealed. I’m not kidding, I did.

This was my first journey across the Atlantic in this lifetime. There will be many more. I found my true “home” in Scotland and Ireland. The home of my ancestors and where my heart lives.

I will make several more posts showing my pictures of my first adventure in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Dreams do come true.