Kidpik – Review #1

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Kidpik is a girls monthly clothing subscription box in the size range of 4-16. This one does not charge an upfront styling fee which is always nice. They send “three head-to-toe mix-&-match fully coordinated outfits.” All of the clothing is their own brand.

*Please see below about checkout & cancelling regarding issues I had.*

The box even has a sticker specialized for your child so they feel like this is even more customized which is sweet.

The box comes with a brochure showing all of your items and the prices. It also comes with a bag with a prepaid label on it to return any items you don’t want to keep.

We received a total of seven items. Each item has its regular price and if you keep everything, you receive a 30% discount.

They include a free gift for every child to keep for free no matter what. This time it was two friendship bracelets. They look small but have a lot of stretch to them.

Item 1: Stripe Rose Patch Patch Top – Color: Kidpik Navy – Size XL (14) – Price $25.50 (Keep all price $17.85) – The straps for the top of the shirt say “Love” and are an elastic band. Even though this top was cute, it just doesn’t fit right. It was very big for a 14 and just didn’t fit right for a little girl. We probably could have sized down in this one but I felt it was a little too revealing the way it laid. The detailing on the arms was adorable with the ruffles and cutouts.

Item 2: Yeah Tassel Tee – Color: Light Heather Grey – Size XL (14) – Price $16.50 (Keep all price $11.55) – This was a cute top but just not my daughter’s style. I like the sequins and tassels so it wasn’t just a plain grey shirt. The edging around the neck, arms, and bottom was a little different too which I liked.

Item 3: Denim Bermuda Short – Color: Calla Lily Wash – Size 12 – Price $19.50 (Keep all price $13.65) – These shorts were cute and have an adjustable waist.

The inside has patches over the holes so the it doesn’t actually go through which I appreciate.

Item 4: Pull On Fringe Denim Jean – Color: White – Size 12 – Price $25.50 (Keep all price $17.85) – White can be very cute but not on a kid. I like that these had a different design but they ran kind of small. They looked like a skinny jean with a flare at the bottom even though they aren’t billed as that. I just cannot justify buying white pants for my kid because I know they won’t stay that color.

Item 5: Stripe Ottoman Skater Dress – Color: True Red – Size XL (14) – Price $22.50 (Keep all price $15.75) – This dress is adorable! It is red, white, and navy blue with a little bit of stretch. I love that the stripes on the bottom go a different direction than the stripes on the top!

This dress seems to run a true 14. My daughter has room to grow, it’s not too big, not too small. Definitely my favorite piece out of this box.

Item 6: Aviator Sunglasses – Color: Pacific Coast – One Size – Price $7.50 (Keep all price $5.25) – These are cute but super tiny for a smaller child. I took a picture of them sitting inside of my daughter’s regular glasses (in the first pic below).

Item: 7: Janely Glitter Ballet – Color: White – Size 4 Youth – Price $19.50 (Keep all price $13.65) – These shoes are super cute and just the right mix of dress up without being over the top. They are sparkly but not overly so. All shoes come in a drawstring bag like the one shown.

We liked the items in this bag even though some items didn’t fit right. Since my daughter is going between a sizes, that will happen sometimes. The merchandise total was $136.50 but would have been $95.55 with the ‘Keep All’ 30% discount.

Kidpik gives you a lot of flexibility in their options. You have the option to receive ‘Piks’ every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 12 weeks. They also give you an option to skip a box, pause your box for 30/60/90 days, or adjust your frequency of boxes for the year (2, 4, or 8 boxes per year).

Once you receive your box, you have seven days to try items on & decide what to keep. You will then be able to check out online.

*** I could not find the ‘Checkout’ option anywhere online and had to email the company. This might be because my package was not showing delivered even though it obviously has been.

*** Cancelling has been a pain because you have to click through a couple of menus to find the cancellation button. Once you find it, it then tells you that you need to call them at 1-844-848-1852. Their hours online say 9AM – 5PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) but when you call, it says their hours are 10AM-6PM. I called at 2:32 PM and received a voicemail.

*** So at this point, I have left a voicemail and emailed the company at to tell them I want to check out and I included my cancel request in the email as well. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.

*** UPDATE: The company emailed back at changed our package status to delivered. This gave me the ability to check out so it’s good to know that it wasn’t a problem with the account & it wasn’t eating away at our seven day time frame. They also cancelled our subscription through the email so I did not have to call again.

Once everything was resolved, checkout was very quick and easy. I do like this company and their clothing and think our particular account just ran into a snag. We may reach out and try another box in the future.

If this is a service you would like to try, I have provided my link where we will each get $20 in credit.

As always, if you have any questions regarding a post or products, please leave them in the comments below. I would be more than happy to help!

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