Snack Crate – Review #2

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Ah, Snack Crate… You have my heart with food! This month’s Snack Crate is from France! France is one of our Bucket List destinations so we were super excited to try this out! All of their snack crates come with Nutritional Information in English which is obviously helpful for those with allergies or diet restrictions. We have a vegetarian in our house so we always check ingredients.

After our sample box from Turkey (see that review here: ) , we decided to stay on for another month since we love France!

Our French box upon opening.

Each box comes with a booklet letting you know what comes in the boxes. The Mini (5 items), the Original (Mini + 5 more items), & Premium (Mini, Original, + ten more items!).

The Premium option also offers a drink upgrade.

Each box come with stickers from the featured country.

Even the tissue paper is specialized to the featured country. I like it that they make this a full & fun experience for the family.

Everything comes well packed and nothing is crushed, including chips!

We decided to order the Original box which has ten items to get a little more of the French experience than the Mini box.

Item 1: La Madeleine D’Amor – These say they are a sweet & buttery cake but honestly, being from the USA, it tastes like a slightly sweeter cornbread. I’ve heard our bread (& foods in general) are sweeter than the rest of the world so that might be why I feel this way. That being said, it was delicious! I really enjoyed this treat!

Item 2: Lay’s Poulet – These are a potato chip that is flavored with roasted chicken. Yes, chicken. I have to say, I loved it! The funny part was, my dog who eats anything and everything, would NOT eat one at first. They definitely have a chicken flavor and you almost feel like you are eating dinner.

Item 3: Tetes Brulees – The are a sour flavored candy that have a sweet inside. I thought these were so extremely sour but the kids liked them. I don’t do videos but oh my, if you could have seen my face!

Item 4: Nestle Nuts – This is a milk chocolate candy bar filled with caramel & hazelnuts. This is definitely delicious. I’m not a fan of caramel (or carmel as we call it) but it is definitely a good candy bar.

Item 5: Petit Ecolier – These are a crunchy, sweet, & buttery cookie with a layer of chocolate. These are my favorite kind of treat. They are almost like a sweet cracker (almost shortbread) with chocolate.

Item 6: Mikado Daim – Crunch biscuit sticks dipped in caramel and milk chocolate. These are basically a French Pocky. Again, not a fan of caramel/carmel but it was a really nice treat.

Item 7: Poulain Chocolate Bar: There were three flavors available for this chocolate bar. We received Dark Chocolate which is my fav! This was a delicious chocolate and a very large bar.

Item 8: Carambar Atomic – These are chewy candies that a mix of fruity & sour flavors. The sour was so intense it was like eating a lemon!

Item 9: Haribo Orangina Pik – They are chewy gummies with a zesty orange flavor of Orangina soda. We have not tried these yet but they come in a very large bag, it’s not a small sample.

Item 10: Nestle Sundy Bar – This is a dark chocolate bar made with crunchy corn flakes. It is much better than it sounds! The corn flake top has a syrup like taste. I really enjoyed it and could not think of an American comparison.

This is our 2nd Snack Crate and I am blown away at the quality of items (they are not all just small, sample items!) and their attention to detail. Every Original & Premium size crate also comes with an opportunity to win a trip to the featured country! I cannot wait to see what country is featured next!

Before they announced that the country was France, I reached out to see if they released spoilers of the next highlighted destination. The customer service representative I spoke with was hilarious (telling me their extreme overlord would not allow them to release that information). I appreciate humor and this guy was on it! He did let me know to keep an eye on their Facebook page because that is their main social media outlet.

If you start out with their sample crate to see if it is something you would enjoy, you have three different crates to choose from. The crates are always changing and as of posting time, the three to choose from are the UK (4 countries in one), Hawaii, & South Africa.

If this is something you would be interested in, I highly recommend it and would appreciate it if you would use my link below.

As always, if you have any questions regarding a post or products, please leave them in the comments below. I would be more than happy to help!

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