FabKids – Review #1

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We decided to try FabKids for my 10 yes old daughter. It is a monthly clothing subscription for kids that cost $29.95. That money will get credited to your account and you get to choose your clothing.

This is run by the same company that does Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, & JustFab.

We didn’t want the monthly subscription so created an account, bought her an outfit, and then canceled my account. We bought two pieces which I which I will review. I am not reviewing the subscription piece of FabKids.

The package came pretty quickly after we ordered it.

Each each item is wrapped individually and is their own brand.

Item 1:Pom Pom Jumpsuit – Size XL (14/16) – Retail Price $29.95 – This outfit is so adorable! It is very soft and my daughter wants to sleep in it. She normally wears a size L/12 but is on the cusp of sizing up and this fit her perfect. If you are a true size 14/16 I think it may run a little small.

The detailing on the top is super cute well without being too much.

The outfit is cinched at the waist and has pockets which made it even cuter.

The bottoms are made to come up a little higher than normal and have a flare.

This is what the inside of the bottom looks like. The stitching is nice and not itchy.

This picture is a little blurry but I wanted to show a close up of how wide the bottoms are.

The colors on the top are very vibrant. I was afraid this would look chintzy in person but it doesn’t at all.

Item 2: Gold Lace Up Sandals – Size 4 – Retail Price $24.95 – I was a little unsure about these but they are super cute in person.

They tie like a regular shoe on the top and actually stayed tied. My daughter did double knot them but did not play in them. She said if she played in them they might not have stayed tied very well.

They have a zipper at the back that makes the shoe easier to put on. There’s a piece of fabric to cover the zipper on the inside of the sandal so it doesn’t rub the back of the leg.

When we were purchasing, there was a promotion for 50% off your first item and also a $20 credit they applied to the account which I think has something to do with a shoe special they had going on.

Our total would have been $54.90 but we ended up paying only $21.32 which includes tax and free shipping.

I really like the clothes but wish you didn’t have to have the subscription to do it. They do provide the option to go in and skip months though.

I tried to send an email to cancel are subscription and I received an email back saying they no longer utilize email as a means of communication and asked me to call a 1-800 number. I called and they did cancel it pretty easy, of course offering me discounts if I would stay with them.

I really do like the service and we’ll probably go back and buy some other things for my daughter eventually. They definitely has some cute pieces and I like it that they are their own brand.

If this is something you would be interested in, please use the link below.


As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help.

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