Paul Mitchell Haircare Obsessed Box – Review

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This is a review of the John Paul Mitchell Limited Edition “Revamp Your Routine Obsessed Box.”

This box is offered on their website for $15.00 which I will link below. Since it is Limited Edition, I don’t know how long the box will be around so I will link the individual products as well. This box ships free (normally they require a $50 purchase for free shipping!).

I love Paul Mitchell products and we have previously purchased some of their items at the salon. I was excited to get this set to try out some different items without paying for a full size bottle.

There are five products included in this box plus three samples I chose.

With each purchase, you can choose three foil pack samples you would like to try. I have an 18 year old with dyed hair so we chose the color protect shampoo and conditioner to try out. The Detangler will always get put to use at our house.

The card lists all of the items in the Obsessed Box and also gives a code if you want to purchase the full size products at a discount.

These are decent size trials so I’m excited about them!

Item 1: Tea Tree Special Color Shampoo – Full-size $17.00 for 10.14 oz – This product is made with tea tree oil and peppermint extracts. It is also made with rooibos tea to help keep color from fading. Let me say, it smells amazing! It is a gender neutral scent as well which is nice.

This is made in the USA.

Item 3: Tea Tree Special Color Conditioner – Full-size $18.00 for 10.14 oz – This goes along with the shampoo in being made with similar ingredients. This smells amazing as well but is not as strong as the shampoo. This also has a gender neutral scent.

This one is made in the USA as well.

Item 3: Neuro Protect Heatctrl Iron Hairspray – Price $10.00 for 1.5 oz – This container is small. It is a lightweight heat protectant hairspray. The scent is really hard to describe. It almost has a sweet smell to it.

Made in the USA.

Item 4: Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Velvet Cream – Full-size price $23.00 for 3.5 oz – This is a hair cream you apply to damp hair. It says “lightweight definition” and is supposed to create a lived in texture. I only tried this in a small portion of my hair and didn’t notice much but is was shinier. There is not much of a noticeable scent to this product.

Made in the USA.

Item 5: Awapuhi Wild Ginger Dry Shampoo Foam – Full-size price $24.00 for 5.6 oz – I have not used a lot of dry shampoos before and this one is okay. It comes out like shaving cream and smells really nice, not overly strong. It gave lift to my hair and a little sheen to look nice. I didn’t necessarily feel cleaner but my hair definitely looked better.

Made in the USA.

I really enjoyed this box and LOVE trial size products. If I can get trial sizes before purchasing the bigger products, I always do that so you don’t waste money on a product you don’t care for. I have tried the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products before and they did work great but it was not this particular formula.

If this box is something you would like to try, please use this link listed below or the individual product links above.

As always, if you have any questions regarding a post or products, please leave them in the comments below. I would be more than happy to help!

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