Harry’s.com Razor – Review #1

The Legal Disclosure: All product reviews are my own & products have been purchased by myself unless otherwise noted. The reviews will always be honest, full of respect & trust. Some posts may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on the link & make a purchase, I may be compensated (this is at no cost to you). Not all links are affiliate links but will post this on every linked page to be fully transparent. If you would like to learn about how I do a product review or info about subscription services, please comment below or email me at .

Harry’s is on an online monthly subscription that offers men’s razors and other grooming products. Their premise is “Every man deserves a quality shave at a fair price.”

I ordered the starter kit to try this product out. The products came very quickly after I ordered them.

The products come in their own ziplock style bag.

This company has a sense of humor which always make me like them a bit more. This was printed on the box underneath the bag.

Even the bottom of their welcome card is perfect! Love them some more now!

All the products for the starter set are included in this ziploc bag.

Back view of the bag.

It was so tempting to dump out everything before I could get a picture.

Here is everything. All the paperwork, razor, razor cover, and shave gel.

The razor is designed in America while being engineered/made in Germany. I read on their website that they own their own factory in Germany for making these.

The handle on the razor is really nice and seems comfortable. It has a 5-blade razor blade already in it and it comes with it’s own cover for storage and travel. You can choose the color of the blade handle (orange, blue, or olive). They also give you the option for a chrome handle at an upcharge. I prefered the colors though.

The Shave Gel seems like a medium size can so not to small for this trial. It is travel size but not the uber tiny cans you sometimes see. The product is made with aloe.

The shave gel has a really nice scent and smells like a men’s cologne. It is made in the UK (country not specified) with ingredients sourced worldwide.

I am very pleased with these products and I like it that you can purchase this as a subscription or purchase the items directly from their website.

You can choose your subscription frequency from 1 month, 2 months, all the way up to 6 months. You can also add in products on your subscription if you would like. It doesn’t have to just be the razor blades.

If this is a service you would be interested in, please use my link below. They state the referral link will save you $5.00 and I will save $5.00.


If you have any questions about these products or how to find a coupon code, please leave a comment below.

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