Under Armour Box #ArmourBox – Review #1

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Under Armour (UA) has created their own monthly subscription box called ArmourBox.

I have a teenager that plays softball so we decided to try a box for her.  Currently the Women’s sizing goes up to XL but they have 2XL coming soon according to their website.

*Please see the end of this post to see notes about how this box is being billed so you don’t have any surprises like I did!*

The box took a while to get going after I ordered it.  Their website states “Because of high demand we’re seeing, your first ArmourBox will ship in 4-6 weeks.”

The items arrived in a very thick, sturdy box that is taped shut.

I like the way they have it put all of the items together in the box.  You can tell it is curated just for you.  Each box will have 4-6 items which can include a pair of shoes.

You will use the same box to ship any items back so they provide you a return label and large sticker to secure the box closed.  There is also a card to tell you how to check out online & how to return items.

You fill out a profile when you sign up to let them know what type of exercise & sports that you participate in, where you typically work out,  your goals, style, etc. so they will understand what your needs are.  They took into account that my daughter plays softball which I appreciate they paid attention to! They do ask for your height and weight (which I believe they took into account) because people can be the same size but shaped differently.

They sent six items in our box for my daughter to try.  The card shows all items & the individual prices of them. You will receive a 20% discount if you keep all of the items.

Another view of the clothing that we received.

Another view of the six items.  They did not ask about colors so most of the items we received were muted.  You can leave notes so definitely leave a note if want more colors.  For a first box and basic workout pieces, they were perfect.

Item 1: Women’s UA Softball Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Size XL – Price $25.00 – The shirt is called “The Classic Tee” and is a loose fit. It is part of their HeatGear line that will keep you cool.

I like it that it is a loose fit so it does not fit too close to the body.

You don’t see shirts made specifically with softball in mind so my daughter was really excited about this one.

Item 2: Women’s UA Undeniable Duffle – Medium – Price $45.00 – I really like this duffel bag and it lays flat for storage.  This bag is water-resistant which is awesome!

The handheld straps snap together and there is a shoulder strap included.

There are plenty of exterior pockets and interior mesh pockets for storages.

This specifically says it’s a woman’s bag but it is definitely not gender exclusive. Anyone could definitely use this bag.

The dimensions are 24.4″ x 12.6″ x 11.8″. I think this is a great size for a bag and not too small.

The bottom is not the same material as the bag which I like.  I appreciate when bags are made with something on the bottom that keeps them sturdy.

Item 3: Women’s Armour Mid Crossback Strappy Sports Bra – Size XL – Price $40.00 – This is a Mid-Impact Sports Bra.  I think the price is steep for a sports bra but if you are an adult exercising in this as a top, I think it would be worth the price with all of the detailing.

The back is super cute.  I love the detailing!

The fabric is very soft even on the inside which is obviously important.  Here is the view of the interior (on the side of the cup) where you can see the removable cup opening.

Item 4: Women’s UA Vanish High Heather Sports Bra – Size 38D – Price $60.00 – This is a High-Impact sports bra which has very molded cups. Even though this bra seems very nice, I can’t imagine paying $60 for it.

Because this is molded, they are not removable cups.  You would need to be very size specific on this item.  The back clasp is like a typical bra.

The interior and lining is very soft.  I feel it is well made.

Item 5: Women’s UA Play Up 2.0 shorts – Size XL – Price $18.99 – These shorts are orange and purple which I am surprised work so well together.  It is part of their HeatGear line that will keep you cool.

The shorts have pockets which is always a good thing.

They are a loose fit short.

Under Armour has the price listed at $18.99 even though the tag says $24.99

The price is good for these but they do not have an interior lining.  You can see through them if have on a dark patterned underwear.  The material does not fly up when jogging so that won’t cause an issue.

Item 6: Women’s UA Play Up Capris – Size XL – Price $40.00 – These are a cute pair of capris that are a loose fit but not overly so.  They do stay fitted when you pull them up on your calves.  It is part of their HeatGear line that will keep you cool.

Again, love it when there are pockets!

The material is not soft on these but the lining is.  It’s not scratchy but I prefer stuff that is ultra soft.  My daughter liked the way they felt though.

These pants are incredibly see-through in the light but did not look see through at all when they are on.

These are the same size as the shorts but ran bigger through the waist.

* FYI: This year, UA changed the way they bill the subscription boxes. UA will put a hold  or “pre-authorization” on your account for the whole amount of the box. This is a reminder for the customer that their box is being created/shipping and to let you know the full charge of the box if you keep it. The hold falls off after 2-3 business days. I called customer service about the potential debit on my account and they said they started the during the U.S. government shutdown earlier this year.  The gentleman I spoke with in Customer Service was very helpful and empathetic. I was absolutely pleased with their customer service!

I am incredibly pleased with the ArmourBox we received.  I really feel that they took into account the sport, the age, & the style.  If you have any questions about this services, please let me know in the comments below.

If this is a service you would be interested in, the link provided will take you to the direct page for the ArmourBox since it is incorporated into the regular UA website.


4 Replies to “Under Armour Box #ArmourBox – Review #1”

    1. I cancelled mine very easily online through the website. Normally I try out these subscriptions for only one or two boxes since I have so many. This was one of the easy ones that all you had to do was click a few buttons through your profile on saying you wanted to cancel.


    2. Also, I should have said, there are no fees for cancellation. I canceled any further shipments as soon as my first box had shipped. I’m not for sure if that’s the part that you needed to know about. I was very pleased with the service and the ease of the cancellation.


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