Love with Food – Review #1

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Love with Food by SnackNation is a monthly subscription box full of clean ingredient snacks.

I ordered the ‘Tasting’ box that has 7 or more snacks in it for $7.99-$9.99.

The individual snacks are all in this box & not damaged. Sending stuff through the mail & not having delicate items crushed is always a plus!

Our box contained eight items.

You can earn free snacks just by reviewing their items. I also like it that this company donates a meal for every box purchased.

Here’s a closer look at our box.

Item 1: Janis & Melanie – Chocolate Chunk Cookie – My daughter ate this first thing when we opened the box.

It is a delicious cookie but I was not blown away. Just a good cookie.

Item 2: Mighty – Peanut Puffs – OMG, these are so delicious! They are almost like Peanut Butter Captain Crunch but softer and almost melt-in-your-mouth.

They are only made with four ingredients and are vegan and non-GMO. I will definitely be seeking these out to buy at the store.

Item 3: Popchips Ridges – Buffalo Ranch chips – My daughter likes spicy things and wants to take these for her school snap tomorrow.

I like that this is an easily recognized brand that you can find at the store.

Item 4: Tillamook Country Smoker – Old Fashioned Beef Jerky – This is a brand that I did not know made jerky. It was really good and tasted of good quality.

I would definitely recommend this brand to someone.

Item 5: Karma – Lime Twist Wrapped Cashews – I didn’t know how I would feel about these but they were actually really good.

The skin is on the cashew and the lime flavor was very subtle.

Item 6: Pure Protein – Maple Caramel Bar – Again, I like getting some recognizable brands that we have the ability to purchase but might not have tried.

I have not tried this one yet but I have had some of their other products before and they do taste good.

Item 7: Awake Caffeinated Chocolate – Peanut Butter – Honestly, I want to eat this right now! It’s late enough so I’m going to wait until tomorrow since it has caffeine in it.

I love caffeine and chocolate so I am all for this!

Item 10: Super Fat Amazing Nut Butters – Protein – I am excited to give this a try as well but I’m waiting until tomorrow.

I like it when nut butters come in these applesauce style pouches.

I was definitely more impressed with this box than I thought I would be. For the price I paid, I got eight quality snacks that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

If this is something that interests you & want to try it, use my link below & receive 50% off your first box.

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