Flying over the Atlantic to Scotland & Ireland

In July of 2017, I was blessed to go to Europe for the first time. I flew from JFK Airport in NYC to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland. These are my pictures from the plane. It was an amazing adventure which I will always treasure.

From the first glimmer of the sunrise…

I left the reflection from the window on the picture to remind me of my plane ride.

…to the sun finally peeking over the horizon.

What an amazing site to see!

Once the sun had finally risen, I could not get enough of the view.

Somewhere over the Atlantic before flying over Ireland.

The higher the sun rose, the more the colors changed.

Still somewhere over the Atlantic before flying over Ireland.

Our plane had personal monitors to show our flight progress and destination so I knew I was finally over Ireland.

The neatest thing was to be able to follow the flight progress on your journey.

The clouds cleared and you can see part of Ireland. I actually wept when I saw this view for the first time. I was finally seeing “home.”

Clouds clearing over Ireland.

It got cloudy again before arriving in Scotland.

Being above the clouds is always an adventure.

Finally, my other “home.” Arriving in Scotland, I actually squealed. I’m not kidding, I did.

First glimpse of Scotland.

This was my first journey across the Atlantic in this lifetime. There will be many more. I found my true “home” in Scotland and Ireland. The home of my ancestors and where my heart lives.

I will make several more posts showing my pictures of my first adventure in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Dreams do come true.

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