Nadine West – Review #2

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My first package with Nadine West was a hit so I decided to try it again. They are a monthly clothing subscription company for women. You have the option to get a shipment every two weeks or every four weeks.

This time they sent me six items.

The first bag you can try for free. Since this is my second bag, I paid $9.78 for the styling fee. The styling fee will get credited to anything you keep to bring the final cost down.

Item 1: Bozzolo ‘Autumn’ long-sleeved top in black – Size 1X – $14.49 – This top is incredibly soft and I love it! It is a little low cut in the front when the shirt shifts but I will be wearing it over a tank top.

Item 2: Bozzolo – ‘Offsides’ short sleeve shirt in grey – Size 2X – $32.99 – this is another super soft shirt that is super cute. It fit well but was low cut in the front. I would have kept this if it was around the same price as the black shirt but I’m not for $32.99.

Item 3: Bozzolo – Laced Capri in black – Size 2X – $17.99 – I am typically not a fan of lace but these are super soft.

They fit well but the sizing felt a little small for a 2X.

Item 4: Bozzolo – ‘Don’t Try, just Do’ leggings in black – Size 2X – $22.99 – These leggings were cute but again, fell a little small for a 2X. They felt like they were clinging in all the wrong places.

They are made from polyester and spandex. They have that shiny workout material look to them.

Item 5: Highlights Hoop Earrings in gold (70mm) – $9.99 – These earrings are cute but just not my style. They are on the large side so I took a picture next to my ChapStick for reference.

Item 6: Classic Fringe Earrings in pink – $11.99 – Um, these are definitely not my style. Maybe they are someones style, but not mine. That’s all I have to say about them.

This time, the only item I am keeping is the long-sleeved black. My first bag was such a hit that I was really excited for this one. I like this brand, Bozzolo, but feel like their pants run smaller than the tops.

The Nadine West customer service has been top-notch when I have been asking questions.

If this is a service you would be interested in trying, please use the link below.

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