Luminance Skincare Review #1

The Legal Disclosure: All product reviews are my own & have been purchased by myself unless otherwise noted. The reviews will always be honest, full of respect & trust. Some posts may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on the link & make a purchase, I may be compensated (this is at no cost to you). Not all links are affiliate links but will post this on every linked page to be fully transparent. If you would like to learn about how I do a product review or info about subscription services, please comment below or email me at .

I ordered a sample skin care set from Luminance Skincare. I never really find skin care products that I love and rave about… until now! Per their website, they are “An online skincare boutique that hand-makes vegan skincare without any synthetic or toxic ingredients.

I do not wear a lot of makeup & I’ve just started being interested in skin care. I have such sensitive skin that I don’t like trying some products because I end up having a reaction or breaking out. Let me say upfront, I AM IMPRESSED with this company!

The products come in this adorable little drawstring bag to keep them together. I appreciate the bag because I can keep my samples for this particular line together. At night when I’m ready to use it, I just take the bag out of my drawer and know that I have exactly what I need.

Everything is so well done and looks luxurious. They feel luxurious on my skin too!

They included a card welcoming you to the company. I encourage you to check out their ‘About Us’ section on their website to see how they got started (link provided at the end of the article).

The back of the card tells you how to use the products. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate this!!! I think sometimes it’s just taken for granted that everyone knows how to use beauty products and I for one did not. I didn’t know how to use them or in what order to use them before I received this card.

Item 1: Delicate Facial Cleanser – I don’t know how to describe the smell of this except to say it smells like lemon pledge. It does not smell like chemicals though, it just has that lemon smell. It has a milky yellow look to it and I do feel clean after using the product. It also takes very little product to use.

Item 2: Rosewater Facial Toner – This does smell like rose (I am not a fan of rose scents but this is not overpowering). I don’t know what nozzle they use at the top of this but it sprays the perfect light amount onto your face. I wish I could have that nozzle on water in the summer! You just spray your face and it comes out so gently. You don’t feel like you are soaking wet.

Item 3: Deep Hydration Moisturizer – it’s almost smells like a sugar cookie batter. It smells really good and is not overpowering. The cream is soft and it doesn’t take a lot to cover your face.

I have used this for two nights now and I am impressed. I loved knowing how to use the products & in the right order. My skin feels so soft and I haven’t had any reactions on my sensitive skin!

In the morning, my face felt a little greasy on top of the skin just from the leftover moisturizer. I wiped my face off with a wash cloth and water and my face felt so soft! It didn’t leave my skin greasy, it was just on the top of the skin like a barrier almost.

I highly recommend this company and am so impressed with their products. It is not a monthly subscription when you get this sample kit. You do have the option to subscribe to have it automatically delivered after the fact when you order other products.

When you order, you pay the shipping charges only & then will get the free sample kit. The shipping charges are based on your address (the company is in California) so my shipping charges were $4.26. I did not have to pay anything else. If this is something you are interested in, I have provided the link to their website below.

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