Snack Crate Review #1

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I love anything to do with other countries. I thought it would be fun to order a Snack Crate sample box. Right now, the company is providing a discount to try the mini crate out for $1.00! I ordered this on a Friday or Saturday and received it on a Tuesday.

The sample boxes let you choose between Brazil, Turkey, & Korea. I had to try the Turkish treats!

The pamphlet includes information about where your crate is from. I enjoyed the fun facts and just learning a little bit about Turkey.

The pamphlet also includes pictures and descriptions of all of the items that are included in the mini, original, & premium boxes.

The mini size includes 4-6 items while the original size contains 8-10 items

The premium box includes 16-18 items. I am not sure what the drink upgrade is but is probably something you can upgrade on the premium box.

We were super excited to peel back the tissue and see our treats!

Already, I was ready to open some of these snacks and try them!

Item 1: Tayas Miniyum – I am typically not a sugary sweet fan. I tried these and they don’t taste like an American treat that is pure sugar. It almost tasted like a laffy taffy with less sugar but the consistency of a Tootsie roll.

Item 2: Popkek – I did not try this as I am not a fan of banana but I know someone in the house will eventually eat it.

Item 3: Cokonat – By the name, I thought this was going to have something to do with coconut but it wasn’t. It tasted similar to a Kit Kat bar but even better if that is possible! I fell in love with this and ate the whole thing before I was even done taking pictures.

Item 4: Kat Kat Tat in strawberry flavor – that’s also comes in hazelnut, cocoa, and apricot flavors. I’ve not tried this yet but it looks delicious and I am excited to try it.

Item 5: Coco Star – This seems like it would be similar to an Almond Joy without the almonds. Again, I’m not a fan of coconut so I have not tried this yet.

Item 6: Eti Pizza Kraker – These are delicious! They taste similar to a Combos Pizza flavor but in cracker form. I would purchase huge bags of these to eat all the time if they were available.

The box came with an nutrition sheet & to show the ingredients in English. Unfortunately, the one sheet that was in my box was incorrect and wasn’t for my items.

I will say, I am SUPER impressed. It is so neat to try different snacks and treats from different countries.

The website has many different countries to curate snacks from and add on items.

You can get this as a monthly subscription. Here is some information directly from Snack Crates website.

I am trying so many different subscription boxes and will not keep all of them. Due to being so impressed with Snack Crate, I am keeping it! I cannot wait to see what next month is going to bring!

Feel free to use my link below and try out a sample box for yourself!

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