MightyFix – MightyNest Review #1

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I love trying out things that are good for the planet. I was really excited when I found the company MightyFix. They are a monthly subscription box that helps you to start changing items in your home into more sustainable items.

“Our passion at MightyNest is making healthy green living simple and sustainable for you and your family.”

The cost of the box is $10 but I had a code that I received the whole thing for $3 to start the first box.

The particular item I received did not need to be bundled or wrapped so this is how the box came.

I’ve heard that most people receive the 3-pack Wool Dryer Balls for their first Fix and that is what I received as well. These retail for $15.29 so you’re definitely getting your value out of this box.

As you can see, my cat loves them as well. This is a reality when trying to take pictures for this blog.

She really, really likes them.

There is a card that comes with this package that tells you the impact you are making by making this “Fix.”

The box came with a card to tell you how the specific item works and how to “Get the most out of your Fix.”

I’m really impressed that this company is not just sending you random products. They are actually sending you something with a message on how you can make a simple “Fix” in your home product by product.

The website gives great information on when your next item ships and if you want to change your ship date.

Another really neat thing is, if there is a product you are wanting to try, you can choose it for your box as your next “Fix.”

If it is above or below $10.00, it tells you the cost difference.

If this is something you would like to try, use code INVITE7 to receive $7 off your first “Fix.” Https://mightynest.com

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